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Who We Help

Throughout the year, Saskatchewan people of all ages with special needs apply to the Kinsmen Foundation for financial assistance.  The resulting miracles are varied, but the goal is always the same – to have a direct, positive affect on each recipient’s quality of life.  Examples of medical assistance and equipment are: 

Helping Individuals
Innovations like ceiling track systems, portable lifts and ramps, funded by the Kinsmen Foundation, are making it possible for people to live at home and still receive the care they need. And with equipment like specialized wheelchairs, electric scooters, vehicle conversions and communications devices, people are achieving a level of independence they didn’t think possible.

When people can’t access the level of care they need at home, they must often travel to health care facilities in other parts of the province or country. And while the medical procedures are covered by health care, the patients and their families must pay for their own travel, meals and accommodations. By easing the financial strain, the Kinsmen Foundation allows families to focus on what only they can provide – love and care.

Helping Groups
Across our province, loving care homes have been established with a family atmosphere to provide comfort and care to people with special needs. The Kinsmen oundation provides funding for things like ceiling track systems, specialized tubs, lifts, specialty beds and personal care equipment to make those homes even better suited to provide quality care.

Helping Health Facilities
Every year, specialized medical equipment that is not fully funded by government is purchased in different communities to ensure healthcare facilities have everything they need. Over the years Kinsmen Foundation grants have included:

Recipient Stories