Fundraising ideas for KInsmen Telemiracle
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Lotteries, Raffles, and Draws

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Staff Lottery

Get all of your staff to help Telemiracle and at the same time, they will all be eligible to win a monthly cash prize. The draw will take place on the last working day of the month. Maintenance is easier when payroll deduction is used. Following is an example of revenue and expense breakdown for a $99 annual employee contribution:

  • for 26 pay periods, you deduct $3.81 per pay
  • monthly prizes are $1,000, $500, $99
  • employees can only win the $1000 prize once. After winning the $1000 prize, the winner will still be eligible for the $500 and $99. The $500 and $99 prizes can be won more than once, and the winners will still be eligible for the $1000 prize.

Revenue: 400 tickets @ $99 = $39,600


12 @ $1,000 = $12,000
12 @ $500 = $ 6,000
12 @ $99 = $ 1,188

Shrinkage:  $1,000 (people who leave throughout the year)
Total Expenses:

Total Income: $19,412

Remember: This example is based on 400 employees. Annual contribution and prize amounts can be adapted to meet your organization’s size.

50/50 Draw

Choose a day during the month and sell 50/50 tickets to employees. Half of the proceeds go to the winning ticket and the other half a donation for the foundation. You can also hold a 50/50 draw during other events and allow all participants to purchase tickets.

Vacation Lottery

The same philosophy applies as with the staff lottery, where staff has the opportunity to contribute to Telemiracle with the chance of winning vacation time. The amount of time could be a day, a week, or two weeks. Try using payroll deduction as a method of payment with a monthly draw for one vacation day. At the end of the year, a draw will take place for the 12 monthly winners for a one-week vacation. The method and amount of payment, along with the frequency of the draw and the amount of vacation can be tailored to your organization.

Travel Draw

Take advantage of your employee contacts. Develop a committee of people in your organization who may have business contacts in the travel and entertainment industry. Obtain airfare, accommodations and tickets to events (theatre, sports, etc.) that can be packaged into one ticket that can be sold throughout your organization and/or to the public.

Casino Night

Organize a casino night where participants play a variety of casino games with “fun money”. Selling tickets to the event raises funds. There are many variations of a casino night, such as:

  • Have an auction where participants can bid on items based upon the amount of “fun money” they have won over the course of the evening;
  • Have an auction where participants buy items with real money;
  • Have a raffle on a trip;
  • Incorporate a 50-50 draw.

Make sure you carefully consider your ticket price, have enough volunteers (approximately 15 for an event with 150 participants) and extensively publicize the event.

Reverse Raffle

This raffle is one that participants don't want to win.  Give a free ticket to everyone attending a meeting or an event.  Tell them they are automatically included in the drawing for a special prize.  If they don't want to be eligible for the prize, they can "sell" their ticket for $1 to $10 - depending on your attendees.  Why would they want to get rid of their ticket? Consider prize options/activities that can be completed during the event itself, such as singing a song in front of the crowd, wearing a costume or silly hat, having their face creative!