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Where are we going? ...HIGHER!

If your school group of 8 (SRC, band, football team, volleyball team, pom squad, cheer team, chess club, etc.) is in grades 9 to 12, in Saskatchewan; if you have uniforms or matching shirts; if you are full of smiles, enthusiasm, and positive attitudes; and you would like to run the numbers up for totals at Telemiracle, please fill out the form below!

While not all school groups can be selected to participate, we will try to distribute our selection of participants evenly throughout the province.

Toteboard application deadline is Friday, November 29, 2019. DON'T WAIT! APPLY NOW!

Selected schools will be contacted by January 2020.

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This will be the primary method of contact used. Please make sure there are no typos and check regularly for new messages.

If yes, we will schedule you in right before your Toteboard shift.

If you are not selected to do Toteboards but still want to present a donation, please fill out the On-Air Presentation form on our website.