On-Air Presentations
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On-Air Presentations

We are very grateful for your fundraising efforts! Thank you for your hard work!

If you wish to present your donation on the Telemiracle stage, please fill out the form below (see link to pdf). 

Please note:

  • Because Stage Right space is VERY limited, each group presenting is limited to a MAXIMUM of 5 people.

  • Each group is allowed 45 seconds to present their cheque and talk about how the money was raised.

  • For consistency and fairness, you will NOT be allowed to read the list of donors on TV. It just takes up too much time.

  • If you wish, you can send your list of donors to the Telemiracle Administrative Assistant or the Administrative Assistant and we will ensure their names appear on along the bottom of TV screens during the show. 

  • First and Last names of all 5 presenters will need to be submitted to the Telemiracle Administrative Assistant ahead of time. If their names do not appear on our security list, they will not be allowed in.

A day or two before Telemiracle weekend, you will be notified of your presentation time slot and instructions for where to go and when.

If there are any mobility issues we should know about, please tell us on the form.

There is a lot of demand for On-Air Presentation spots, so don't wait too long to get your form filled out and submitted. DEADLINE IS FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28TH, 2020.

We've been having a lot of technical issues with our website and email during the month of January, so, to be safe, we've taken down some of the forms.

If you would like to sign up for an On-Air Presentation, you can print the pdf Click Here and submit to the email on the form. Please make sure a human being responds to your email, not just an auto reply. Thank you for your patience.